Community Care and Benevolence

We recognize that various needs arise. Jesus calls us to love our neighbor, and in particular those neighbors who are in need. This page is built to help resource those who would like to meet and address those needs. It's also built to resource those who have needs.

Looking to Support Needs?

There are two key ways you can help support the needs of others as they arise in our church and in the community:

Give to the Benevolent Fund

Our Benevolent Fund is our church’s primary means of meeting financial need as it arises around us. You can give at the button below and select “Benevolent Fund” from the drop down list. Every dime given goes directly towards helping those in need.


Volunteer with BC3

The Bartlett Community Care Collective is involved in crisis response as well as helping widows and the vulnerable in our community. You can help volunteer with BC3! Check out their website at the button below for more information.


Do you need assistance?

The ongoing work of the benevolence ministry is to offer practical help for families or individuals who are in financial crisis. Our Benevolent Fund is separate from our General Fund and is available and sustained through giving from our congregation. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask for assistance! Fill out the online application form below. Please note: Renovation Church provides assistance through the Benevolent Fund whenever possible. We can’t always meet every need. These requests are reviewed by the Deacons of Renovation Church. After prayerful consideration, we will make a determination and advise if we can provide any level of assistance.

Benevolence Request

If you are a resident of Bartlett, there are additional resources available to you through BC3. This is especially true for the elderly members of our community. BC3 provides help in the form of everything from service projects to connection to community resources and much more. Visit the BC3 Website for more information.